User Interface

When it all comes down to having a clear view on things and only having to push a few buttons to get to the desired results, Net Reports has got it all covered up! An interface similar to the good old Explorer, will place everything you need right at hand - available/already executed report.


Because a good administration leads to the best results, we are thinking that you need to have an easy task when assigning user accounts, groups and adding rights to user groups, without the need for a dedicated IT Specialist.


We know how important all those huge amounts of data are, so we’re keeping an extra eye open! All safe access, in respect to the assigned user/ user group rights at the location of your choice!

Report Types

The moment you’ve been waiting for! NetReports offers the most important dynamic report types, such as: Print report, Excel, Fisiere, CrossTab, DashBoard, Pivot Table.


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