NetReports Roadmap

Here at Programming Solutions Group, we continually strive to improve our products, by adding more and more useful features or by improving the ones already available. NetReports is not an exception, so please see the list below to see what features we plan to implement in the near future.

We should specify that, although we strive to keep NetReports on a constant update path, the road is sometimes bumpy and updates may not show up right on time. To us, quality is more important than a speedy release!

Planned Features

Hardware Keys

Security is an ever growing concern today and you can be sure we understand how important are those reports to you. Even though we already have password protected access and https exclusive data transfer, you could still think of a scenario where this is not enough.

That is why we have decided to implement support for hardware protection in the form of a USB key that is needed to start any NetReports session. The feature can be instantly configured by yourself, without the need for tech support of any kind.

In the unfortunate case that the key is stolen, you can disable access in just a couple clicks. It’s that quick! Not to mention safe and cost-effective!.

Cross-Platform Client