What is NET Reports?

It’s our way of letting you enjoy the time spend at your job more and have less trouble when having to come up with reports, regardless of your position or field of expertise! NET Reports is a client/ server solution capable of extracting powerful and complex reports from any database server. All you need is a computer and access to the internet!

Did we get your attention? Alright, then let’s get to…

…the good stuff!

Powerful Interface

Regardless of your level of computer expertise, we think it would be pretty cruel to allow you to wander hopelessly through more virtual buttons than your keyboard has. Just check out some features of NET Reports’ simple and intuitive user interface!

Making reports becomes simple and rewarding, so you’ll come back to NET Reports just because of the fun involved in using it!.

Easy Installation & Setup

All you need to do is download and install the client application, open a user account, set it up for your local account profile and you’re god to go! If you want to know more, just take a peak at the downloadable User manual, which tells you exactly what to do to get things done.

Strong Security

Keep you data face with NET Reports' bullet-proof security features like password protected user accounts and HTTPS communication with the main server. Moreover, these features are activated "out of the box" so you don't have to worry about configuring anything. It's never been easier to keep your data secure!

Limitless Reports

Regardless of your reports final destination, NET Reports has prepared a wide variety of report types suitable for having a clear overview over a desired activity, top-notch data analysis, high flexibility and a cool dashboard arrangement which will impress your boss!

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  • Files – after being created, these can be accessed directly in the browser and they can be saved into various formats. They are the best option when you want to check the results one more time before giving them a prettier shape!
  • Print Report – offers you a printable file in the form of a PDF, which you can have
  • Cross-tab Report – represents a starting point for data analysis and it gives you the possibility of re-organizing data depending on the available options and it can include rendered graphs as well. It is a flexible solution for people wanting to see certain reports from many perspectives.
  • MS Excell Pivot Table – as one of the most advanced data analysis tools at hand, it can offer multiple options and high flexibility depending on the version of MS Office installed on the workstation.
  • MS Excell Worksheet – this report type offers an Excell list ready for inspection.
  • Dashboard Report – top executives will always like the coloured and tidy arrangement characterizing this type of report. Synthesised data from multiple sources, tables graphs and text, ready for delivery!

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Simple Administration

You won’t need a super qualified person to have Net Reports running! Everything goes smooth, from assigning rights for users or user groups to configuring the system for an optimal performance. We have designed things so that operations are safe and easy to perform, in order for you to get the most out of Net Reports. Every needed detail is available in the User Manual (link catre download) so, why not take a look?

Why NET Reports?

We keep things simple and effective so that you may succeed in your daily report creation and management duties!

These 4 easy steps will transform the usual report related fuss, into a nice and enjoyable activity:

Install the application,

Access the user interface

View already created reports or create new ones

Share them with anyone you want